Core Facilities

RESEARCH LABORATORIES & EQUIPMENT: The OPRB facility includes CBST’s central laboratories (Research 1-4), administrative offices, meeting and seminar rooms equipped with high-speed videoconferencing equipment to connect to remote sites, student/post-doctoral researcher offices, and student/faculty exchange space. The research labs are configured with controlled, interlocked access and ready to be customized by optional retractable curtains. The rooms are fully equipped with the required facilities for the operation of high-power laser sources including appropriate electrical supply, low conductivity water, and laboratory gases, as well as providing chemical safety hoods and wet laboratory space.

Contact: Core Facilities
CBST Oak Park Building Laboratory Supervisor
Research Laboratory 1: High Resolution Imaging
Research Laboratory 2: Nonlinear Optics
Research Laboratory 3: Fluorescence & Microscopy
Research Laboratory 4: Instrument & Development
Additional Facilities & Resources
Equipment Videos - "How to Use"