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There are many opportunities that await students after graduation. After completing a Bachelor's degree a graduate may choose to continue their education, or look for career opportunities, whether that be in industry or post-bac research. Information can be found on any of these three areas. For the graduate looking to go into industry there is a list of some companies that are doing work in Biophontonics, there is also some on line resources to aid your job search. Post-bac research opportunities are fewer, but there are some links listed. For Graduate School there are planning resources.

For the graduate student there are links to pre and post-doctoral funding opportunities as well as funding for Master's students. There are also links for career help at the Master's and PhD level.

For any student at UC Davis there are several on-campus resources available.

Please contact Ana M. Corbacho for more information.


Post-Bac Research

Graduate School

Post-doc and Graduate School Opportunities

UC Davis Resources

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