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CURE Summer Cancer Research Program

Commitment and Stipend

  • Interns are required to work with Volunteer Services to obtain clearance to work in the labs. Please note, you must be current on all vaccinations.
  • Interns will spend a maximum of 40h/wk under the direction of a Cancer Center Researcher.
  • Students are paid CA minimum wage for a maximum of 40 h/wk  for the duration of their summer internship.

Internship Exit Requirements

  • The internship ends with a Cancer Research Poster Session, a session where interns give scientific poster presentations on their research project (60 to 90 minutes).  Researchers, postdocs, and graduate students that assist the interns are invited to attend.
  • At the end of the summer, students are expected to submit 2 paragraphs to be submitted to a school newspaper or magazine.  If you would like to have these featured on the CBST website, we will need permission from both you and a parent/guardian.
    • Abstract of research (maximum of 250 words)
    • Summary of professional and personal experience during the Internship (maximum of 250 words), including seminars, working in the laboratory, being on a university campus, etc.
  • By accepting to participate in the program, students accept the commitment to complete anon-line survey shortly after the end of the summer.
  • Students are required to participate in the Cancer Center Symposium the following September (exceptions being made if they have graduated and are in college elsewhere). This likely means rescheduling midterms!
  • We encourage participation in the Sacramento Regional Science and Engineering Fair in March of the following school year.  You can submit the same poster that you create over the summer and present at the Cancer Center Symposium.

How to apply 

Potential Summer Projects