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Curriculum Resources

Curriculum Outline

An outline of the topics/concepts and subtopics taught in the program.

Introduction to Biophotonics, Scientific Investigation and Information Technology

  • Introduction of Biophotonics
  • Science Processes and Modeling in Science
  • Observation and Inference/Quantitative and Qualitative data
  • Exploring Light
  • Elements of Experimental Design
  • Technology: Structure, Function, and Limitations

Experiences in Biology Basics for Biophotonics

  • Scale
  • Properties of Water
  • Biologically important molecules: DNA, RNA, Proteins etc.
  • Cells Structures and Functions
    • Membranes
    • Organelles
  • Tissues and Organs
  • Life Processes

Experiences in Light Basics for Biophotonics

  • EM Spectrum
  • Reflection, refraction and diffraction
  • Absorption and Emission
  • Fluorescence/Phosphorescence
  • Optics
  • Lasers and incoherent light
  • Imaging – microscopy

Biophotonic Basics

  • Practical Biophotonics Sytsems:
  • Chromophores and Fluorophores
  • Light interactions with Tissue (visible, UV, IR)
  • Studying single molecules
  • Microscopy – living and non-living techniques
  • Lenseless imaging
  • Diagnostics using light
  • Tagging and Studying biomolecules
  • Therapies using light
  • Cell Sorters and Gene Chip

Biophotonics Student-Designed Investigations

Student-Designed Investigations may be experimental investigations, innovations/designs, or descriptive studies

  • Defining a research question or problem
  • Identifying the hypothesis or model to test
  • Identifying the type of investigation
  • Gathering resources and references
  • Writing a Research Proposal
  • Generating a materials list
  • Doing the Investigation/Study
  • Reporting : Writing the Report, Creating a Poster, Presenting at the Symposium 

Possible Areas for Student Research Projects include

  • Light absorption of leaves correlated to some other factors/variables
  • Light reflection from biological materials
  • Shining light through living tissue (i.e. fold between index finger and thumb)
  • Making demonstrations for younger kids
  • Exploring properties of the eye

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