Program Details


  • Interns will spend 40 h/wk under the direction of a CBST researcher.
  • Students are awarded $500/wk for the duration of their summer internship. This stipend is intended to cover the cost of living, including housing, food and local transportation during the internship (CBST is NOT responsible for your housing arrangements, for helpful links seeHousing and Living)
  •  For students coming from out of the Sacramento/Davis area, travel expenses will also be  covered, i.e. plane ticket or mileage costs (Mileage costs will only be reimbursed if you live at least 100 miles from CBST in Sacramento: 2700 Stockton Blvd., Suite 1400
    Sacramento, CA 95817). 


  •  Students are expected to attend a Seminar Series (two hours per week) that includes the following topics: Concepts in Biophotonics, Challenging Stereotypes, Professional Opportunities Within Biophotonics (research, industry, education), Networking/Interview Skills and Presentation Skills.
  • Attending the CBST Annual Retreat is mandatory for interns.
  • The Seminar Series ends with an Internship Research Meeting, a session where interns  give scientific presentations on their research project (15 min. Power Point presentations). Researchers, postdocs and graduate students, that assist the interns as Primary or Secondary Mentors, are invited to attend. 
  • At the end of the summer, students are expected to submit 2 paragraphs to be posted in the CBST web-site.

           a.    Abstract of research (maximum 250 words).

           b.    Summary of professional and personal experience during the Internship  
                  (maximum 250 words), including seminars, activities, CBST Retreat, working in 
                  the laboratory, living in the area, meeting other interns, etc.    

  • By accepting to participate in the program, students accept the commitment to complete anon-line survey shortly after the end of the summer. 

How to apply

Potential Summer Projects

Housing and Living in the area

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